Matt Molloy, Sandia Golf Club GM, Heads to Scottsdale

After 13 Years at Sandia Golf Club, Matt Molloy Joins OB Sports Corporate Team

Matt Molloy, general manager of Sandia Golf Club, has been promoted to senior vice president for OB Sports Management of Scottsdale, Ariz., and will be moving to the Phoenix metro area, the company announced.

Matt Molloy of OB Sports Management
Matt Molloy

Molloy’s new responsibilities will include oversight of OB Sports’ portfolio of 60 golf course management and club operations contracts, as well as assisting in the development and startup of new opportunities for OB Sports, the company said in a statement.

Molloy moved to Albuquerque 13 years ago to serve as director of golf for the newly opened Scott Miller design at Sandia Pueblo’s casino and resort north of Albuquerque. Molloy, an employee of OB Sports, later was promoted to general manager of the golf course.

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Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club: Sold

Alvarez & Marsal of New York City Buys No. 1-ranked Golf Course in N.M.

Roger Cox & Associates has sold the acclaimed Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club in Sandia Park, N.M., to a pair of New York City businessmen who specialize in turning around under-performing companies.

In a letter to about 500 Paa-Ko Communities home and lot owners, the course’s new owners, Tony Alvarez and Bryan Marsal, principals of the Manhattan firm ofAlvarez & Marsal, announced the change of ownership in the No. 1-rated golf course in New Mexico.

In the letter, they also announced their intent to build a 62-room lodge and 18 guest cottages to attract tourists to the golf course.

Hole No. 12 at Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club
Hole No. 12 at Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club

Also sent to the Paa-Ko Communities owners was a letter from Bruce Franks of Mountain Ranch Properties, part of Roger Cox & Associates, the builder of the golf course and surrounding community. That letter confirmed the sale and thanked residents for their support of the 18-year-old golf course.

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TopGolf Coming To The Duke City

Last month we had an announcement that there was going to be built a huge driving range and more at the Balloon Fiesta park.

A 3 tier driving range in Albuquerque NM, wow is all that was being said.

Now the word is that TopGolf is coming to town to build the driving range, restaurant, lounge and music venue at the site of the old water park.

Here learn more about this awesomeness.

Less than a month after a local startup announced plans for an Albuquerque golf entertainment venue, TopGolf – a national leader in golf-related entertainment – announced plans to enter the Duke City market.

TopGolf will build a multi-story golf driving range, restaurant, lounge and music venue on the site of the former Beach Waterpark near the southwest corner of the intersection of Montano Road and Interstate 25.

BigShots Golf, organized by a group of local investors, announced in mid-December it will build a facility along Balloon Fiesta Parkway, which runs west from Pan American Freeway to the balloon park and is a major entry and exit thoroughfare for balloon fiesta traffic.

TopGolf currently operates similar venues in 36 U.S. cities, with plans for 11 more. TopGolf also operates centers in Canada, Mexico, Australia, the U.K., and Abu Dhabi.

BigShots says it plans to hire 350-450 people. TopGolf says it will hire up to 325 people.

This is really great news for the Duke City.

Dreaming About Golf?

They say that dreams have some type of meaning, what exactly I don’t think that they are sure of.

But this golfing articles about dreams is pretty good, check it out.

What Does Your Golf Dream Tell You?

Have you ever dreamed about golf? I know I have and I know others who have, too. But what kind of dream did you have?

I bring the subject of golf dreams up because I recently ran across a column by someone named Tucker who wrote a piece for the Albany Times-Union about his dreams. Tucker was struck by their bizarre nature.

Set at his local country club they involved a mish-mash of Micky Mantle, a woman in a skunk suit named “Sparky,” and a quickie trip to Mexico to adopt a proffered infant.

But then, Tucker really caught my attention with this:

“In every instance of my golf dreams I spend the entire time trying to get a shot off. I may be constantly re-teeing to avoid obstacles that are constantly popping up, a flag that moves every time I look away, a hole that magically redesigns itself, or I may be looking for a club I’ve misplaced, but I have never made a golf shot in any dream.”

Whoa! How’d this guy get into my head?

Reading that immediately flashed me back to a round a couple of summers ago with two friends, Jeff Breitner and Jim Dines, both high-caliber players.

It was a pleasant afternoon, maybe a tad humid as the afternoon thunderheads roiled up at Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club on the other side of the Sandias, east of Albuquerque. We were talking about our idiosyncrasies on the golf course as we stood on the tee of No. 15, a downhill par 5.

I had just told Breither that there have been times, many, actually, when in trying to read a putt, I have seen a mark or blemish on the green between my ball and the hole and concluded that the mark or blemish had been put there to guide me. That the mark’s purpose, its only purpose, in my mind, was to serve as an aiming point. Just for me. And only for this putt. Otherwise, why would it be there?

To which Breitner, one of the best putters I know, piped up, “And I thought I was the only whack job who thought like that.”

With Dines waiting patiently on the edge of the tee for me to hit, I thought to myself, if there ever was an afternoon for a quick session of golf psychotherapy, this is it.

“Well, since we’re being honest here, not to sound too weird,” I continued, “I have dreams about golf and they always involve trying to hit a golf shot from some incredibly awkward, even impossible, situation. Like on a fire escape. Or from the landing of a stairwell in an office building, or maybe in a basement with a low ceiling where I can’t take a backswing, and, no matter how many times or ways I address the ball and test my backswing, I just can’t figure a way to get a club on it.”

There is more to this, so continue to read it thru, great article.

Are You Going To The PGA Show

If you are going to the PGA Show in Florida, then you must check out these golf venues in the state while you are there.

This article has you covered “Going To the PGA Show?”

Here are Three Worthy Florida Golf Venues to Check Out

If you’re headed to the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, here are some golf choices ranging from the nearest course to the show to an overlooked bargain to a worthy destination a day’s drive away.

Shingle Creek Golf ClubThe nearest golf course is the Rosen Shingle Creek Golf Club, less than two miles from the Orange County Convention Center, the sprawling venue for the show.

Shingle Creek was redesigned a little more than a year ago by the Arnold Palmer Design Co. with a reduction in bunker sizes, a lengthening of par 4s and 5s and improved sight lines. While the size of bunkers has been reduced, their placement still influences what club is needed off the tee.

As you are going to read in this piece, you are going to find 3 great courses that are challenging as well as a lot of fun.

A Bargain on Orlando’s Outskirts

Rio Pinar Golf CourseSo much about Orlando is so new, so cookie-cutter, and trending to high end that it was refreshing when an Alabama golf writer I know and his long-time pro pal from Florence, Ala., found Rio Pinar Golf Club, a throwback to another era.

On the northeast edge of the Orlando Metro area, 22 miles or about 30 minutes from the PGA Show, Rio Pinar has the feel of an old-style country Club of the 1950s. The course opened in 1957 and once served as the site of the Citrus Open. PGA Tour stars who played there inluded Arnold Palmer, Julius Boros, Lee Trevino, Hale Irwin and Jerry Heard.

A couple hours down the road, but well worth is the next course that is awesome. This is worth the extra time and drive. And last but not least is.

A long Drive but Worth It

About two hours south down the Florida Turnpike is PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, where the three marquee golf courses, the Dye, Wanamaker and Ryder courses have been joined by a nearby property, St. Lucie Trail Golf Club, now operated under the auspices of PGA Village.

For those not familiar, PGA Village is a multi-course property operated by the PGA of America. It serves as a de facto retirement community for PGA pros from all over the country.

There are many golf towns in Florida, but none quite like Port St. Lucie, with a thriving community of different age groups. While the demographic does skew toward silver-haired, the dining is superb, with plenty of fresh seafood and a strong splash of international cuisine.

While each of the original PGA Village courses – Wanamaker, Ryder and Dye – has been renovated to keep pace with modern technology, the course that has really shown since its renovation has been the Dye Course.

If you are in Florida for the show or maybe just a vacation then you will want to visit these 3 courss during yous stay.

Have fun and enjoy the weather, cause it sure is cold here.

The Perfect Golf Swing

Trying to achieve the perfect golf swing, believe it or not it is well within your ability, even if you are a simply beginning playing golf. If you break down the golf swing both mechanically and physically you will see that the body goes many directions and pivots to develop the best golf swing. Golf enthusiast‘s believes the ideal golf swing is a misconception, however it is obtainable all you need to do is practice the essentials until the swing ends up being second nature. Learning more about the game of golf and the greaat golf that is in New Mexico, then you need to visit New Mexico Golf News for all the information on instruction, courses and so much more.

If you do, you’ll develop your best golf swing and understand the terrific benefits that the game of golf returns in a much faster fashion. When playing golf on the golf course, and you develop a golf swing, here are 3 simple methods to enhance the horrible left-to-right slice shot. By seeing your own swing plane in action you could rapidly develop the perfect golf swing.

Or are you more serious, do you wish to establish your game at a greater level. It is really impossible to play a good game of golf without being able to execute an effective golf swing. Fortunately, there are sufficient programs readily available which can actually promote your golf game to the next level. Near to a million individuals are searching for help with their golf game each month. Improve your golf game by evaluating your present golf swing from all angles. In fact any strength workout will have an effect on the golf game. When you develop a psychology for your golf game, it is the exact same. These easy golf putting ideas will help to improve your golf game and experience. To really improve your golf game you need to start with an open mind. In the game of golf,  2 individuals ever have the exact same golf swing. Practice your golf skills and enhance your general game with our practice golf balls.

You ‘d be impressed at how rapidly you can enhance your golf swing and game with this method. The inside approach is another great golf training aid to help improve any golf swing. But more devoted players are constantly aiming to improve their swing and overall game. These simple golf putting tips will help to improve your golf game score and experience. Improve your range and precision. Your distance and precision will enhance after just a couple of trips to the range. Not to point out that you will improve your total golf game. You can improve your swing, your putting, and your shot. If you want to improve your game, it may be a great idea to get some golf instruction.

The ideal golf swing is exactly what we all aspire to attain. When trying to do it consistently, to execute the best golf swing is not simple especially. Indeed the ideal golf swing is every golfer‘s objective and dream right.